Are you Waffle Lovers?

After passing all-day meeting and enjoying the traffic of Jakarta. Finally sitting quietly and enjoying the night. I have no idea where to go. I am just looking for something sweet, for this mouth and stomach satisfaction. And I got it.

I found an interesting place, cozy place with delicious food. Waffle Crave. They have complete menu, from appetizer, salad and soup, main course and dessert. They special menus is WAFFLE.

They serve many variety of waffle; chicken waffle, pizza waffle, waffle burger, steak waffle and dessert waffle. I tasted the Churros Waffle and Sparkling Elderflower. The Churros Waffle was very crunchy with a sprinkles of cinnamon. Sparkling Elderflower is cucumber with sparkling soda, it tastes very fresh.

If you are a waffle lovers, then you need to visit Waffle Crave. Enjoy the crunchiness!!

Waffle Crave

IG. wafflecrave

Jl. Karang Tengah Raya No 39

Lebak Bulus, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

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