The Best Sushi in Jakarta

There are so many Japanese Restaurant in Jakarta. They offer us with their signature and variety of dishes. Japanese people are known as profesional and perfectionist. So they make a delicious food. It make Japanese food widely acceptable and preferred in Indonesia.

We like Sushi, Ramen, Rice Bowl, Katsu Curry Rice, Yakitori, etc. There are two types of Sushi, authentic and fushion. I like the authentic ones. Most people in Jakarta like Sushi Tei, one of the famous sushi in town.

But for me, The BEST Sushi in Jakarta is Ippeke Komachi at Mall Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. If you come to Jakarta, you should try eating sushi in here.

They only opened one branch in Kelapa Gading, but gave a consistent taste. I really appreciate their hard work in maintaining a delicious taste of sushi.

Besides the taste, they also provide friendly services. When you come, they will greet you with “Irasshaimase いらっしゃいませ” (English: welcome) And when you go, they will said “Arigatogozaimashita ありがとうございました” (English: thank you).

Good Food, Good Attitude build my Good Mood.




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